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Life at Core Laboratories

"I wanted to work for Core Lab because I was impressed by the direction the Company was headed and I wanted to be a part of it. I believed that the Company was in a significant growth mode, and that if given the opportunity I could help in building a great company."

  • Mayra
  • Lead Financial Analyst

"Over 10 years ago I came to Core Laboratories and I haven't looked back since. Obviously I've made the right decision, we continue to flourish and grow our business, and I'm proud to be part of that. It's this kind of dynamic atmosphere that makes my job rewarding."

  • Jay
  • Assistant Credit Manager

"As a Core Lab employee I've been given the opportunity to work in a great environment, along with excellent benefits and a truly rewarding 401k. Core Lab offers job security in a competitive market by teaching you a trade that can be used in any sea going port around the world. All things considered, I highly recommend a career with Core Lab, who leads the petroleum inspection industry with an excellent reputation."

  • Arthur
  • Lab Manager

"Core Laboratories has given me the opportunity to develop my skill base and leadership in the laboratory while focusing on process improvements and new technologies. There is a pervasive spirit within the company of professionalism, collaboration, and vision for the future. I have been continuously challenged and inspired to develop myself both personally and professionally at Core Laboratories."

  • Darla
  • Inspector