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Reservoir Management

Core Lab Reservoir Management

Lowering finding costs is critically important for any E&P company, and maximizing production from existing reservoirs is generally recognized as the most cost-effective way to achieve this goal.

The Reservoir Management business segment focuses on specialized projects to help Core Laboratories’ clients optimize their oil and gas exploration and exploitation programs. An example is our Tight Gas Sand Fracture Stimulation and Optimization Program (A Systematic Approach to Improved Well Performance). This is a complete evaluation package that profiles the geological, petrophysical, and geomechanical properties of tight gas sand reservoirs to enhance well performance.

Increasingly, operators are recognizing that cost effective, real-time, permanent well monitoring systems enable them to “see” how their reservoirs are performing and are critical to the successful implementation of any reservoir management, production enhancement, or enhanced oil recovery (EOR) project.

Core Laboratories makes continuous real-time measurements of reservoir temperature, pressure, and flow. Our permanent downhole monitoring systems provide our customers with “eyes to the reservoir” to improve well productivity, reduce operating costs, and understand reservoir performance on a real-time basis. Our unique surface and downhole instrumentation systems are designed to be reliable, flexible, and easy to use – whatever the application.

Core Lab Reservoir Management Data Generation

While accurate data generation is important, understanding how to use the data is critical. Core Laboratories are experts at generating, compiling, and interpreting reservoir data. Through regional geological and petrophysical studies that integrate detailed seismic, geological, petrophysical, and well production information, we provide you with a multi-disciplinary approach to complete reservoir characterization.

And to help you manage your field optimally, Core Laboratories offers integrated teams of engineers, geologists, petrophysicists, and geophysicists to apply our unparalleled knowledge of reservoir systems and our proprietary completion and production enhancement techniques to reservoir management projects worldwide.