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Owen Oil Tools at a Glimpse

Owen Oil Tools is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of perforating systems. A perforating system is a device that deploys explosive materials into an oil or gas well to perform a variety of critical functions. The most significant (and the one we do the most) is that which creates the pathway or perforation through the well’s casing and into the hydrocarbon bearing formation allowing oil and gas to flow to the surface.

We manufacture over seven million explosive products and over a million feet of perforating carriers each year. Owen provides some of the best in class Thru-Tubing and Casing Patch products and services.

Our products are manufactured in our Godley, Texas; Red Deer, Alberta and Standard, Alberta plants. They are supplied and supported through our vast distribution network with over 30 locations in North America and 10 global offices.

We began operations in 1983 and became a member of Core Laboratories’ portfolio of oilfield operating divisions and technologies in 1998. We have a rich tradition in the oil patch from founder Harrold Owen, to its top ten managers having over 300 years of experience, to the 550 worldwide employees who work diligently every day satisfying customer needs.


Our leadership position in the perforating industry is significant and important to us. Maintaining and growing this position requires performance on many fronts. Our customers, employees, shareholders, and suppliers are all integral to our success. Acknowledging this and supporting a culture of continuous improvement, we have developed key initiatives to help guide us in the years ahead. They are:

Improve Manufacturing Throughput & Reduce The Cost To Manufacture
Pursue Zero Accidents & Zero Defects
Grow Customer Participation Through The “Owen Experience”
Provide Technical Leadership
Strengthen Organizational Integrity

As we work and progress together, it is our sincere desire to understand your specific needs and determine practical ways to utilize the many resources available at Core Laboratories to ensure our mutual success.