Stimulation Products

The STIMGUN® technology is best understood as an engineered job design process that integrates the use of the products with computer modeling known as PulsFrac™ and using the high speed gauge for data acquisition. That is where the science gives STIMGUN® the advantage. Unlike others, the STIMGUN® technology takes into account well fluids, well mechanics and rock properties to select the optimum tool for each application.

The STIMGUN® family of products currently consist of three tool configurations:

  • STIMGUN® assembly, a special molded sleeve of non-explosive propellant material (resembles PVC pipe) that is placed over a scalloped perforating gun assembly, which allows perforation and near wellbore stimulation, all at one time. This can be run on TCP, Wireline or Coil and is available in multiple OD’s.

  • STIMTUBE® tool consists of a molded tube of non-explosive propellant material which has an inner metal perforated tube that is loaded with a 40 gr/ft detonating cord. Available in multiple OD’s, it is run on Wireline, in wellbores that have already been perforated. STIMTUBE® is positioned across these perforations so when the oxidizer is ignited, creates a quick burst of high pressure.

  • KODIAK Enhanced Perforating System™ is available in a 3-1/8" and 3-3/8" OD 5 spf scalloped perforating guns. The propellant disk are inserted in between the Premium Owen HERO® SDP charges, which provides enhanced perforations and stimulation of the near wellbore all at one time.

  • Well Stimulation Tool (WST) - to be released in 2013

These products allow for maximum stimulation design flexibility for a wide range of well applications. With each of these products, production/injection enhancement is accomplished through perforation breakdown and near wellbore stimulation.