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HTD-BLAST® - TCP Systems


HTD-BLAST System® (Horizontal Time Delay Ballistic Assisted Sequential Transfer) has been redesigned with the customer in mind and allows for easy electrical arming before. The purpose of the Coiled Tubing Time Delay Transfer System is to allow the energy from a perforating gun to ignite a Time Delay System below the gun. The system is specifically designed to be used in coiled tubing applications to enable the operator to perforate several zones during a single run by moving the gun string to the next interval during the time delay burn sequence. The perforating guns can be initiated from the top or bottom of the gun. Once initiated, all the guns will fire in sequential order. For this reason it is very important that gun measurements and perforating intervals are carefully recorded and planned prior to firing.

If a longer time period is required between firing sequences, this can be accomplished with the use of the Extended Time Delay Hardware that is compatible with this system.


  • Initiates Time Delay burn using the output energy from the bottom of a perforating gun
  • Allows the perforating of multiple intervals during a single coiled tubing or wire line run in the well
  • Can be used with multiple Time Delay Systems or gun sizes
  • Only one firing head is required on top or on bottom of the gun string
  • Patent #8,079,296

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