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Drilling Diagnostic Services

ProTechnics provides tracers that accurately determine the amount of drilling fluid
invasion in core samples and formation fluid samples, ultimately providing the

  • The in-situ Sw & hydrocarbon saturations of a formation
  • The Rw of a formation for log calibration purposes
  • Contamination in downhole formation fluid samples

ProTechnics' drilling services provides the best oil-based & water-based tracers in the business.  Our tracers
meet the following criteria. 

  • No background, our tracers don’t occur in the reservoir
  • Soluble in the filtrate
  • Biologically stable
  • Chemically stable
  • Extremely accurate detection in a laboratory


You can rely on ProTechnics to provide expert support, quick turn-around and accessible data. Supported by
more than 90 years of expertise in engineering and laboratory analytics, you can count on valuable insight
that helps improve your results.

With 18 domestic sales and field locations and experience in more than 20 countries worldwide, ProTechnic
s not only has the global reach, but the technology and manpower to efficiently provide service to clients
in virtually every major producing basin of the world.