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Reservoir Diagnostic Services

ProTechnics provides cutting edge reservoir diagnostic services that allow engineers
to make informed decisions on how to optimize produciton from improved/ enhanced
oil recovery projects (IOR/EOR,) providing accurate and proven results.

ProTechnics' reservoir tracer surveys are designed to provide surveillance of injected fluid flow within the
reservoir. A tracer survey is the only direct method of monitoring fluid flow within the subsurface.

ProTechnics’ state-of-the-art analytical laboratory delivers accurate data and rapid turnaround times,
allowing reservoir and production engineers to make timely management decisions regarding their
IOR/EOR projects.

Tracer surveys can be conducted in a variety of reservoir environments:

  • Water flood
  • Gas flood
  • Steam flood
  • Surfactant flood
  • Geothermal


You can rely on ProTechnics to provide expert support, quick turn-around and accessible data. Supported by
more than 90 years of expertise in engineering and laboratory analytics, you can count on valuable insight
that helps improve your results.

With 18 domestic sales and field locations and experience in more than 20 countries worldwide, ProTechnics
not only has the global reach, but the technology and manpower to efficiently provide service to clients
in virtually every major producing basin of the world.