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Data Management

Core Laboratories has developed RAPID™ and RIB® as innovative technologies that make data available in a timely fashion integrating multiple data sets into a coherent data package that is available at all times through our secure CoreClientWeb to our clients and their partners.

The Reservoirs Applied Petrophysical Integrated Data service (RAPID™) is a web-enabled Oracle® database application for organizing, archiving, retrieving, and summarizing geological and petrophysical data.
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RAPIDLink™ / Spotfire™
As an enhancement to the RAPID™ hosted data sets currently available in Core Laboratories joint industry projects, the Integrated Reservoir Solutions Division of Core Laboratories is offering a RAPID™/TIBCO Spotfire Enterprise Player analytics service.
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The Reservoir Information Browser (RIB®) is a static web data management system easy to navigate that links high-resolution core photography, core analysis, reservoir geology information and just about any other data type.
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