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AMS™-900-20K, Acoustically Monitored Separator

A 20,000 psi dual-bore mechanical separator equipped with an ultrasonic transducer for detection of liquid-liquid/gas-liquid interfaces. The relative proportion of effluent is sensed by a sound reflection technique that utilizes an acoustic pulse triggered at the bottom of the measurement bore. The pulse travels upward through the denser fluid occupying the lower section and is reflected by the fluid interface. The fluid volume is determined by the comparison of the travel time of the reflected pulse from the fluid interface and the simultaneous reflected pulse from a target at a known height thus performing a continuous calibration allowing the system to determine precise volumes even in varying density situations such as temperature and pressure variation. The AMS-900 can also be used for the measurement of the acoustic velocity of various fluids such as brines and crude oils at reservoir condition.

The AMS™-900 design allows fluid collection and separation to occur in one bore. This first bore is in constant communication, at top and bottom, with the second, measurement bore. Measurement accuracy is dependent upon the separator tube being maintained in a true vertical position. System includes a PC based pulsar/receiver device coupled with a Windows based operating software allowing for ease of use, troubleshooting capability and error checking. When integrated into a Core Flood system, the pulser/receiver device can be connected to the host computer via a USB port.

AMS™-900, Acoustically Monitored Separator
AMS™-900, Acoustically Monitored Separator

Standard Model Specifications:

  • Separator and Measurement Bore: 0.500"
  • Overall Height: approx. 90 cm
  • Material: Hastelloy C, 316 Stainless Steel & Titanium Transducer assembly
  • Transducer, Natural Frequency: approx. 2MHz
  • Usable Volume: 120cc
  • Measureable Volume: 100cc
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 20,000 psig (Approx. 1400Bar)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 300 °F (150 °C)
  • Resolution, 0.01cc
  • Accuracy, +/- 0.1cc

Options Available on Request:

  • Two Years Spare Parts consisting of:
    • O-ring Seal Kit, 2 each
    • Calibration rings, 2 each
    • Set of fittings
  • Air Operating Control Valves
    • Set of Two (2) 3-way Air operated valves for computer automation plus plumbing

Scope of Supply:

  • Operations Manual
  • Tool and Accessory Kit for AMS™-900-20K
  • Separator, twin column, with base
  • Manual set of valves
  • Laptop PC with operating software and onboard oscilloscope
  • USB Pulsar/Receiver Unit

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