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Advanced Rock Properties

Advanced Rock Properties

Advanced Rock Properties instruments and systems are used to measure rock properties at reservoir temperature and pressure conditions. These measurements help define reserves in place and predict future performance of the reservoir.

Advanced Static test systems define the fluid distribution in the reservoir and provide for calibration of downhole log and seismic (acoustic) data. They also provide information on the mechanical properties of producing horizons.

Advanced Flow characterization instruments and relative permeability systems predict future performance of a reservoir under various production mechanisms.

Instruments are also available for development of formation damage control strategies based on reservoir conditions testing criteria.

All instrument prices are quoted on request. We have listed standard instrument configurations, but many of our instruments are available with a range of features that allow you to customize the equipment to your precise applications. When you request a quote, we will promptly contact you to determine your testing process and the appropriate equipment configuration.

Advanced Rock Properties Instruments

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