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Advanced Rock Properties

AXRP - 300 Automated X-Ray Relative Perm System

AXRP - 300 Automated X-Ray Relative Perm System

The AXRP-300, Automated X-Ray Relative Permeameter is an instrument designed to provide relative permeability data. Relative permeability data requires accurate measurement of the inlet flowing fluids effluent flowing fluids and the water or wetting phase saturation at any given time.

The AXRP measures the water saturation directly during displacement of the oil by water under steady and unsteady state conditions. The water saturation is measured as a function of time, flow rate (incremental and cumulative) and length along the core. This method is a much more accurate measurement for water saturation and is performed while the test is in progress. The gravimetric and pump flow rate method used by the competitor requires the experiment to be stopped to measure the weight change in the core holder during steady state.

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