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Advanced Rock Properties

Advanced Resistivity ARS-300

Advanced Resistivity ARS-300

ARS-300, state of the art resistivity measuring system, features programmable RCL meter, pneumatic atmospheric core holder and 4 electrode measuring system. Resistivity determinations are usually made in conjunction with porous plate capillary pressure measurements to enable the calculation of Formation Factor and Resistivity Index values along with the cementation, "m", and saturation, "n" exponents. The ARS-300 features a pneumatic atmospheric core holder that allows a consistent loading to be applied to the sample eliminating operator error from the measurements. In addition silver mesh electrodes are used to allow a consistent contact to be made between sample and electrode. A panel mounted Rw cell is included for accurate measurement of brine resistivity and temperature.

Scope of Supply:
Digital Resistivity Meter is a precision RCL meter, which incorporates a LCD display capable of displaying a graphical representation of the electrical circuit under test using standard international electrical symbols. The unit has the capability to make 4 electrode measurements at 3 different test voltages (300 mV, 1 V and 2 V) and frequencies from 50 Hz to 1 MHz. In addition RS-232 and IEEE-488 interfaces can be specified to allow computerized data acquisition. 1 Panel Assembly used with Hydrostatic Coreholder 1 Coreholder, Hydrostatic 4-Probe Resistivity mounted on the above panel 1 Coreholder, Atmospheric Resistivity, Plug size, pneumatic control and temperature stabilization 1 RW Cell, for Measuring Resistivity Water & Brine with Temperature meter. 1 Hand Pump Assembly, 10,000 psi.

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