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Advanced Rock Properties

Petrophysics Laboratory System, PLS-200

Petrophysics Laboratory System is designed for multiple 4 core holder racks with integrated valves, hydraulic lines, back-pressure regulators, pressure gauges and hand operated hydraulic pump. A mobile trolley carries a syringe pump, pressure transducer array, back pressure regulator, accumulator, air driven venturii vacuum pump and low pressure air driven, Teflon, brine pump that can connect to individual cells for sample loading and preparation for resistivity and capillary pressure work. The syringe pump allows liquid permeabilities and room condition unsteady-state relative permeabilities using either brine or laboratory oil to be performed in addition to the basic resistivity and capillary pressure experiments.

In its basic configuration the system allows for the large through put of air/brine capillary pressure tests with the ability to measure sample resistivity in conjunction with the test. 2 or 4 electrode measurements can be carried out depending on whether a sleeve is used with or without embedded silver electrodes. The inclusion of the mobile cart further extends the capability of the system by allowing individual cells to be connected to the pump, transducer array and back pressure system to facilitate liquid permeability, ambient conditions unsteady-state relative permeabilities and if used in conjunction with the ceramic plates oil/water capillary pressure measurements.

Core Holder: features four or two electrodes, hydrostatic loading with Hastelloy wetted parts and Torlon inserts for electrical isolation. Rotating mounting allows measurements to be carried out horizontally or vertically. Includes end pieces and stems for 1-inch, 30 mm or 1½-inch samples up to 3 inches in length. Electrodes are mounted at 1-inch distance inside the Viton sleeve for the 4-electrode measurement.

In conjunction with a suitable semi-permeable ceramic disk the RCCH core holder can be used for steady-state porous-plate capillary pressure measurements thus allowing resistivity determinations to be made at known water saturations. As the disk is sealed against the Viton sleeve any type of ceramic disk can be used in this core holder. Saturation changes are measured gravimetrically using centrifuge tube collection vials. Working Pressure: 10,000 psi. Temperature rating: 300 °F. Wetted material: Hastelloy, Seals/Sleeves: Viton.

Core Racks constructed of modular, extruded aluminium framework the racks hold up to 10 core holder integrated valves and plumbing, back-pressure regulators, gauges and transducers. Each rack also includes a hand hydraulic pump for application of overburden pressure on the core holders.

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