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Core Holders

Resistivity Core Holder- ECH Series

Resistivity Core Holder- ECH Series

Our ECH Series Core Holders are designed for the measurement of the electrical properties of a core sample under simulated reservoir conditions of pressure and temperature. With these core holders, both resistivity indices and formation factor can be measured.

We offer both a two electrode and four electrode design. In the two electrode design, the end plugs are insulated so that resistivity can be measured across the entire core. The four electrode design incorporates two additional ring electrodes. Metal rings are placed into the sleeve along the core length at one inch spacing between the rings. In this manner, the resistivity can be measured across the side electrodes. To prevent flow bypassing between the metal ring and the core, the ring is designed with a rubber matrix which seals off the core’s outer diameter. To insure reproducible contact between the pin connector and ring, an adjustable stem is incorporated into the stem. At pressure, the stem can be adjusted downward to insure good contact. End plugs are silver plated for better conductivity. These end plugs are also available with porous plates for capillary pressure barriers. These core holders are offered in the standard core diameters, working pressures, working temperatures and types of loading.

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