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Drilling & Stimulation Properties

Friction Flow Loop, FFl-200

This system is designed to evaluate the friction and the friction reduction properties of completion and fracturing fluids. This is carried out by mixing the completion fluid or fracture gel in the paddle stirrer tanks and equipped with a turn over pump. In addition this pump is used to feed the fluid to the main pressure pump for circulation into the Friction Loop. Fluid exiting the Friction Loop is returned to the Mixing Tanks.

Mixing System – comprising 50 gallon lidded plastic tank complete with centrifugal turn over pump, paddle stirrer and associated tubing, valves and fittings

Friction Flow Loop, FFl-200

Pumping System – comprising a primary pressure variable speed control, digital pressure transducer and associated tubing, flanges and fittings. Delivery system utilizing 1/2 inch outer diameter, 0.43 inch inner diameter stainless steel tubing with a maximum flow capacity of 22 gallons per minute

Friction Loop comprising two differential pressure transducers mounted across the loop which is contained in a heated bath for temperature maintenance

Data Acquisition System – PC based system with USB 2.0 data acquisition and minimum workstation with PC, Dual 21 inch LCD Monitors, 1GB RAM, 520GB Hard Drive, CD/DVD RW with Microsoft Windows Professional Operating System. A custom inter-active graphics based control software allows for the control and operation of the system whilst monitoring and recording all pressure, temperature, flow rate. On screen custom graphing of data is accomplished through the inter-active program interface.

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