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Fluid Characteristics

ElectroMagnetic Viscometer (EMV)

The Core Lab Instruments (CLI) ElectroMagnetic Viscometer (EMV) System is based on the Cambridge Viscosity SPL440 sensor and the VP2000 viscometer controller. The SPL440 sensor is installed in a dedicated oven, permitting operation from just below ambient (with air vortex or lCO2 cooling) to its maximum operating temperature of 190 °C (374 °F). The cylindrical viscosity sensor is mounted in a cradle that allows it to be orientated in four (4) fixed positions for loading, operating, and torque opening/closure of the removable end of the sensor.

The oven for this EMV system has been enlarged to accommodate a Degasser Fitting on the top of the EMV cell in place of the standard adapter. A system of three valves mounted inside the oven, but operated externally; allow the sample to be charged to the sensor. An in-line filter in the oven on the inlet side of the system removes particulates which could interfere with the measurements. A pressure transmitter, mounted just outside the oven, monitors the pressure.

 ElectroMagnetic Viscometer

The pressure transmitter is mounted above an external bleed/purge valve which allows the dead-space up to the transmitter body to be cleaned between analyses to minimize risk of sample carry-over. The pressure rating of the system is dependent on the weakest link of the installed components. Three (3) pressure ranges are available, 10,000, 15,000, or 20,000 psi. The SPL440 sensor is rated to 20,000 psig.

The oven is mounted on the top of a modular, roll around aluminium framework which also supports the VP2000 control box and the CLI built Control Box. The VP2000 control box controls the piston movement inside the SPL440 as well as monitoring the internal SPL440 sensor. It holds the calibration data for all the supplied sinkers and uses these data to produce a raw viscosity figure. The raw viscosity figure is subject to correction for pressure and temperature distortion effects on the piston and measurement tube.

The RS232 connection inside the VP2000 box is connected through to the front panel of the CLI EMV Control Box to allow logging or setup operations to be performed. This system also has an RS232 connector on the front panel to allow communication with the pressure display. A LabVIEWTM pressure logger application is provided on the DVD in the documentation folder.

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