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Routine Rock Properties

ADIS Advanced Digital Imaging System

The ADIS Advanced Digital Imaging System is designed to capture high resolution core images using a high resolution, color line scanner camera under white light, as well as UV light. The system is computer controlled in order to acquire high quality images in a rapid, repetitive format. The reliability of the system, together with ease of use, ergonomics, and lightning acquisition speed were the major factors considered during the ADIS development. The ADIS is designed as a replacement for the conventional photography techniques, previously used when taking core photographs. The ADIS provides very high quality digital core images and dramatically improves the turnaround time for long core sections.

All the scanned images can be used as standalone or can be manipulated by the software to generate 30’, or 10 meter, images.

Scanned Core Resolution: 788 dpi

Time to Scan 1m Core: 40 seconds under white light to 4 minutes under U.V. light


The main frame is made of lightweight aluminum profiles The single LED light source also allows the ADIS to be extremely compact and easily transferable.

ADIS Hardware


ADIS Software

The Digital Imaging System software is designed to be used with the included Windows 10 PC. The operator uses software to calibrate the following at the beginning of the job:

  • Flat Field Correction
  • White Balance
  • Color Calibration
  • Adjustable White Light and U.V. light Intensity
  • Scanning Speed and Exposure control are synchronized in order to provide high definition images
  • Single Axis mode which means 1m or 3feet core can be scanned one at a time
  • Dual Axis mode 5 x 2 Feet or 2 x 3 Feet Slabbed Core located inside original carton or wooden boxes can be scanned side by side, one section at a time to insure maximum resolution.

After these initial field entries, the scanning job is repeated as defined and the acquired images, scanned under white and/or UV light, are saved to the PC.

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