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Routine Rock Properties

Archimedes Bulk Volume, VBA-200

Archimedes Bulk Volume - VBA-200

The Archimedes bulk volume measurement system is designed to rapidly and accurately determine the Bulk Volume (VBAbulk) of a saturated or partially saturated sample gravimetrically. The Vbulk is determined by weighing a sample suspended in air followed by a weighing submerged under liquid the weight difference is then divided by the liquid density to give the bulk volume of the sample. Measurement time is approximately 20 seconds per sample with an accuracy of ± .001 cc. Sample placement into and removal from the liquid, data acquisition, data reduction and storage functions are performed the operating software running on a Windows based PC.

The system is comprised of a digital balance, Plexiglas balance stand which houses the submerged weighing work station, articulated sample basket and a stainless steel liquid basin for solvent or brine. Availably, as shown with optional PC based data acquisition system which can also integrate a digital caliper workstation.

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