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Routine Rock Properties

Auto Saturator, AST-600

Auto Saturator, AST-600, is a computer controlled saturator for unattended saturation of multiple plug samples or full diameter samples up to 12 inches in length. An onboard vacuum system allows for programmed vacuum, fill with pressurization and de-pressurization cycles. Short and long cycle vacuum cycles of 4 or 12 hours are available, dependent upon the samples average expected permeability with pneumatic metering valves allowing control of build up and bleed down rates. Samples can be pressured up to 2,000 psi (133 BAR) and maintained at this pressure independent of temperature fluctuations.

Available accessories include plug sample trays, up to 3 of which can be accommodated and dead volume sets. Use of sample containers is recommended to help minimize grain loss and to insure complete saturation of samples by keeping them immersed in saturating fluid when removing them from the Auto Saturator. Dead volume sets reduce the amount of saturate required to fill the Auto Saturator when there are insufficient samples to completely fill the system.

Scope of Supply:

  • Saturation Chamber; Maximum Working Pressure 2,000 psig
  • Control Console incorporating PC
  • Sample Trays
  • Dead Volume Set
  • Vacuum Pump
  • HPLC Pressurization Pump

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