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Routine Rock Properties

Centrifugal Extractor

Centrifugal Extractor

Centrifugal Extractor (110 volt, 60 Hz) is a high-speed rotating device used to extract oil and/or water from consolidated core samples. Its extraction rate is considerably faster than that of other conventional extraction techniques.

The extractor consists of a solvent still and a centrifuge. The still heats, vaporizes and condenses the solvent, which is piped into the rotating centrifuge and sprayed onto the core sample plugs in a fine mist, saturating the plugs. The two-speed heater on the still is designed to use various solvents or mixtures of solvents. In addition it can be operated using water rather than solvent when it is desirable to remove salt and other soluble materials from core samples.

This extractor is suitable for extraction of samples up to but not exceeding 1 ½" in diameter and 3" in length.

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