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Routine Rock Properties

Core Check Plugs

These stainless steel check plugs are used as a standard to calibrate equipment and, therefore, accuracy is imperative. Calibration Plugs are available in 1” and 1 ½" diameter sizes. The external stainless steel shell protects the porous media and allows pressurization to 2,000 psig. Five plugs are presently considered a set, and they should cover a range or properties as approximated below. Each set number with A, B, C, D, and E designating the various properties. They are used with the Ultra-Perm series of steady-state air permeameters to check the calibration of the system and to verify the data produced.

Core Check Plugs

1" Diameter Calibrated Check Plugs, Permeability, Set of 5 with case

1.5" Diameter Calibrated Check Plugs, Permeability, Set of 5 with case

These calibration plugs are not primary standards and have been tested by Core Laboratories Instruments using customary testing methods. However, given the inherent uncertainty in any laboratory test method, Core Laboratories Instruments does not represent the accuracy of such results. In any case, the maximum liability Core Laboratories Instruments will have arising in connection with the purchase and/or use of these calibration plugs is limited to the price received by Core Laboratories Instruments from such buyer.

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