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Routine Rock Properties

Core Slabbing Band Saw

The Core Slabbing Band Saw is custom designed by Core Lab for vibration-free cutting of unconsolidated core (frozen or stabilized at ambient temperature). The saw/blade configuration is designed to cut a variety of inner barrel or liner types including PVC, ABS, aluminum, fiberglass and cardboard. The saw features 24” diameter wheels for reduced blade stress, a 24" throat for cutting materials up to 12” thick, an onboard welder for immediate and cost effective blade repair, and a massive table frame (52000 lbs) for stability.

The saw is equipped with v-blocks for fully adjustable slab thicknesses on either a manual or hydraulic feed table.


  • Slab cuts to 48" or more
  • Cross cuts for isolation of special test sections
  • Manual or hydraulic feed mechanisms
  • Variable cut thickness (1" to >11")
  • On-board blade welder
  • 24" Throat for cutting material up to 12" thick
  • Work light and air or cold N2 gas nozzle for cutting debris removal

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