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Routine Rock Properties

Core Slabbing Long Bed Saw

Core Slabbing Long Bed Saw

Core Slabbing Long Bed Full Diameter Saw is the versatile answer to cutting large quantities of full diameter core material. The Automatic Traverse Drive with variable speed control system allows automatic setting of high cutting speeds and can be used in conjunction with the short-stop system to preset cut length. This combination allows use of the pick-up return system, which allows for the blade to return to the rest position at maximum speed thus increasing operational efficiency.

Strong and rigid construction for continuous accurate cutting. The strength of chassis ensures that torsion is minimized. Precision blade shaft on self aligned sealed bearings. Adjustable blade shaft alignment enables an accurate cut even after extensive use. V belt drive, providing longer belt life and more efficient power transmission. Remote cutting head feed (controlled by chain and sprocket hand wheel in manual version). On/Off switch located near operator for additional safety. Pulley suspended coolant feed pipe ensures that the optimum volume of coolant is fed to the blade. Adjustable depth feed system ensures that the correct cutting depth is achieved.

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