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Routine Rock Properties

Dean Stark (Plug Size)

Dean Stark (Plug Size)

Dean-Stark Glass Distillation Assembly (Plug Size), Six-Unit (220 Volt) for extraction of water and oil by distillation from plug size core samples. Water is recovered and measured accurately in graduated receiving tubes; oil content is determined by weight loss using, optional precision balance.

Scope of Supply:

  • Six-Place Combination Heating Mantle, 220 volt
  • Temperature controller for mantle, 220 volt
  • Five part glassware including 250 ml Extraction Flask, 60 mm O.D.
  • Receiving Tubes 2 ml with 19/22 Joint
  • Receiving Tubes 4 ml with 19/22 Joint
  • Receiving Tubes 10 ml with 19/22 Joint
  • Receiving Tubes 15 ml with 19/22 Joint
  • Plastic Joint Clips for 19/22 Joints
  • Right Angle Clamp Holders
  • Polyvinyl Clear Tubing 7/16 OD x .312 ID
  • Thimbles, Extraction, Whatman, 43 x 123 mm, 25/pk
  • Thimble, Extraction, Whatman, 33 mm dia. X 80 mm ht, cellulose, 25/pk

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