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Routine Rock Properties

Drilling Press Diamond Tool

Drilling Press Diamond Tool can be supplied with 1", 30 mm or 1.5" ID diamond bits. The specifically designed Teflon swivel and tapered chuck permits diamond drilling of various sizes of core samples up to 2” in diameter using water, brines, mineral oils or gases including liquid nitrogen as a cooling fluid. Diamond core-cutter drill bits are easily exchanged for different sizes and rotation speed is manually controlled and the actual speed displayed via a digital read-out.

In order to provide the correct information and parts such information such as the type of material to be encountered (e.g. Unconsolidated material), sample size requested (e.g. 1", 30 mm or 1.5" I.D.) and voltage requirements should be supplied.

Drilling Press Diamond Tool

Drill Press, Diamond Tooled (110 volt 60 Hz)

Drill Press, Diamond Tooled (220 volt 50 Hz)

Drill Press, Diamond Tooled (220 volt 60 Hz)

Two Year Spare Parts consisting of:

  • Charging Vinyl Hoses 1-¼"
  • Nylon Hose ¼
  • V-Belts, 4 each
  • Male Connectors, 2 each

Order Drill Bits separately:

  • Drill Bit: 1"
  • Drill Bit: 1-½"
  • Drill Bit: 30 mm
  • Drill Bit: 2"


  • Submersible pump placed in the stainless steel catch basin for the re-circulation of coolant fluids
  • Alternate Swivel compatible with Liquid Nitrogen
  • One (1) meter sample tray complete with sample mounts for up to one (1) meter of core
  • API Recommended Practice 40 for Core Analysis, Section 3 Core Screening and Core Preservation

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