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Routine Rock Properties

Endface Precision Grinder

In all advanced rock property tests, sample geometry is of critical importance in the providing accurate and representative data from core samples. Fluid flow models are based on algorithms that require a specific geometry to validate their assumptions. In our production laboratories strict sample quality criteria are in place that ensure the highest possible conformance to a right, circular cylinder with flat parallel endfaces. Continuous sample/end piece contact is mandatory for capillary pressure, electrical property and relative permeability tests. In acoustical testing perfect transducer/sample contact in critical for accurate data to be determined and in pore volume determinations small gaps between endpieces and sample are included in the pore volume.

The precision bench top Endface Grinder is supplied complete with precision machined V-block sample holder for 1 inch and 1.5 inch diameter samples. An optional wheel coolant lubricating system is available to remove “rock flour” from the sample during processing.

Enface Precision Grinder


  • Provides flat, parallel endfaces.
  • Eliminates boot failure from gaps between endpiece and sample
  • Improves accuracy of pore volume determinations
  • Improves capillary and electrical contact between endpieces and sample.


  • Precision ± 0.002 inch
  • Sample Capacity 1 per holder
  • Sample Size: 1 inch or 1.5 inch

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