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Lab Oven, Gravity, Convection

Lab Oven Gravity, Convection

Lab Oven, Gravity, Convection Three Sizes : 1.6, 4.0 or 5.0 cu. ft. , Temperatures to 240°C, Hydraulic Temperature Controller, Stainless Steel Interior and Shelves 1300 Series general purpose gravity ovens deliver a true naturally-occurring gravity convection.

As air is heated, it rises through an air duct system to the top of the oven, optimizing temperature uniformity. Even when the shelves are fully loaded, this exclusive air duct system creates many different air flow patterns maintaining temperature uniformity throughout the oven interior.

The 3" exhaust port with adjustable damper provides the user with the ability to alter drying, curing or baking time by allowing more or less air through the oven. An exhaust port is located on the top of the oven for easy access and efficient venting. Built-in over-temperature safety protection is independent from the main controller.

The oven interior is stainless steel. Two punched stainless steel shelves are supplied, adjustable in ½" increments. The door latch and hinges are also user-adjustable to ensure a tight seal throughout the life of the oven. Wrap-around insulation provides excellent heat retention, while eliminating seams in the insulation which cause hot spots. An access port provides use with chart recorders or probes. The heating element is shielded to prevent damage if a spill should occur. Durable, powder-coat finish is chemical resistant.

Temperature Range: 5° above ambient to 240°C Temperature Control: 1.0°C Temperature Uniformity: ±2.5°C @110°C Recovery Time: 5 min. @110°C

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