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Routine Rock Properties

Pressure Decay Profile Permeameter, PDPK-400™

Pressure Decay Profile Permeameter - PDPK - 400

Pressure-Decay Profile Permeameter(PDPK-400™), with Motorized Translation Table, provides a precise method for rapidly determining core permeability and heterogeneity.

These data can be used to identify and quantify thin, highly permeable beds, permeability barriers, and depositional/diagenetic features. It measures the permeability automatically in both Y and X-axis on up to 3 meters of core at one time. A built in Laser identifies the exact location of the measurement and aids in the selection of areas not to be measured.

Data are usually measured from slabbed cores that have been cleaned and dried, although whole core can also be tested. The measurement locations can be adjusted to coincide with your specified sampling intervals (e.g. per centimeter, per bed) by changing the grid pattern. This feature has been automated so that from the software, a predefined series of sample sites may be selected along the x and y-axis automatically. The system automatically measures 18 feet at 1 time. A detailed permeability profile of the core can be created.

The ability of the PDPKTM-400 system to rapidly measure accurately a large number of data points improves the statistical validity of these data, thus providing a more reliable permeability characterization of your reservoir. The results can be presented in tabular or digital form as well as in log or contour map format.

Operational Summary
The Core Laboratories Profile Permeameter is a pressure decay system which increases the accuracy, repeatability and speed of measurement compared to conventional steady state "mini permeameters". The Pressure-Decay Profile Permeameter (PDPK-400) can measure gas permeabilities reliably from 0.001 millidarcy to greater than 30 Darcy. Permeabilities are slip corrected (Klinkenberg) and are also corrected for Non-Darcian flow (Forchheimer Factor). Mean position (X and Y coordinates) are automatically determined and recorded with the permeability measurement and related pressure data. Measurement times vary from about 2 to 30 seconds.

The Profile Permeameter Software (PROPERM) is a Windows™ compatible operating program. The software is designed for ease of use and features graphically oriented operator menus and step-by-step Action Command Boxes. Diagrams and the Dialog Action Box tell the operator what the permeameter is doing and what action is required from the operator. The program also features plots of the acquired data, allowing plots of Permeability vs. Depth, Pressure vs. Time and Y vs. Pg.

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