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Routine Rock Properties

Pulse Decay Permeameter - PDP-200

Pulse Decay Permeameter - PDP-200

Pulse Decay Permeameter-PDP-200 is used for Ultra-Low Permeability Determination of Cap Rock, Tight Gas Sand Stone, and other very low permeability rock. The Pulse Decay Permeameter is similar in appearance to the steady-state Ultra-Permeameter™ systems but uses a pulse decay measurement technique developed by Core Laboratories. The system can be easily attached to the users existing coreholders.

The Pulse Decay Permeameter system saturates the sample to a set pore pressure, then transmits a differential pressure pulse through the sample. As the pressure transient propagates though the sample, the computerized data acquisition system records the delta pressure across the sample, the downstream pressure, and time. A log differential pressure times mean pressure versus time plot is displayed real time on screen allowing visual quality control of the permeability measurement.

Permeability is calculated from a linear regression performed on the pressure time data and the results stored to a data file. The use of a small Δ P minimizes non-Darcian flow effects and by utilizing multiple pore pressures Klinkenberg permeabilities can be determined in the conventional manner.

Scope of Supply:

Pulse-Decay Permeameter Unit Module with Transducers, plumbing, electronics and interface board. System software: Windows based operating software allows data generation and report preparation. Computer, P4, 128MB RAM, 20GB hard Drive, SVGA, Mouse, Keyboard, Windows O/S, cabling and other software as necessary.

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