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Routine Rock Properties

Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus

Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus

Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus (MEDIUM - COOL) (220 volt) is a custom built over-sized system for refluxing hydrocarbons present in a large number of plug sized core samples (approximately thirty 1 ½" samples or fifty 1" samples

Medium Soxhlet consisting of: 1 Boiling flask with 4 liter or 5 liter capacity. 1 Extractor body 100 mm inner diameter. 1 Adapter to connect the body with the condenser. 1 Bushing adapter to be used with the above adapter when using any other condenser. 1 Allihn (Bulb) Condenser, for warm cleaning. 1 Heating mantle 220 volt. 1 Temperature Controller for above mantle 220 volt. 1 Rod, hard aluminum 1 Clamp, chain holds 3" to 6.5" 2 Clamp Holder, right angles 1 Clamp, three prong, maximum 3.5". 1 Core Cleaner Basket to Hold Samples 50 ft Tubing, 7/16 OD x .312 ID 2 lb. Glass Beads 6mm, Boileezers 1 Cooling coil condenser and adapter to be used when cool solvents are required. One condenser per unit required.

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