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Routine Rock Properties

UltraPore Porosimeter - UPore 300

UltraPore Porosimeter UPore 300

Bench top design, helium gas expansion porosimeter to be used with matrix cup for samples 1" in or 1½" diameter and up to 3" in length. Can also be configured for whole core matrix cup style core holders. Utilizes a highly accurate 0-200 psi transducer with linearity and hysteresis of less than ± 0.11 percent of full scale. System can be used in a grain volume or pore volume measurement mode dependent on configuration of core holder(s) used. Exclusive use of computer controlled valves allows automated control of the measurement process. A wide range of reference volumes incorporated in the system enables it to be used for cuttings, plug and full diameter samples.

Scope of Supply:
Ultrapore-300™ Sample chamber, matrix cup (Grain Volume Cell) for 1inch, 1½ inch diameter. Includes 5 calibrated disks for system calibration. Computer Dual Core, 512MB RAM, 80GB Hard Drive, CD_ROM, Mouse, Keyboard. Software; The UltraPore 300™ Windows based software automatically controls the sample measurement. The software ensures that the system is fully calibrated and that thermal equilibrium is established prior to the logging of all pressure measurements. Output files are generated that allow easy transfer of results to databases and spreadsheets for report generation.

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