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Core Lab’s Commitment to Corporate Responsibility
Message from Our Chairman, President & CEO 8
Recognition of Core Lab’s Corporate Responsibility Efforts 10
About the Company
About Core Laboratories 13
History 15
Board of Supervisory Directors 21
Corporate Governance 35
Principles that Drive Sustainability
Core Values and Business Ethics 41
Code of Business Conduct Social Responsibility 42
Fraud Prevention and Protection 44
Ethics Hotline Program 45
Whistleblower Policy 46
Deterrence, Detection, & Remediation of Fraud 46
Human Rights
Statement on Labor and the Workplace 48
Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining 50
Elimination of Forced or Compulsory Labor 50
Abolition of Child Labor 50
Core Lab Prohibits Workplace Discrimination and Harassment 51
Conflict Minerals 52
Corporate Citizenship 55
Our Global Workforce 60
Workforce by Job Type and Region 61
Workplace Diversity and Equal Opportunity 62
Employee Training and Development Commitment 63
Total Compensation Approach 72
Labor Relations and Management Expectations 74
Safety & Environment
Safety in Our Company 75
Safety Performance 78
Environmental Focus 92
Impact on the Environment 94
Environment Goals and Achievements 96
Climate Change 100
Financial Results that Fuel Our Drive Towards Sustainability
Strategies for Growth of Our Company 102
Our Employees Make Our Success Happen 103
Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting
What We Report 112
Global Reporting Initiative 114

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