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Proprietary Projects


Fracture Stimulation Optimization
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Integrated Reservoir Solutions offers this program to aid in the enhancement of well performance in tight gas sand reservoirs. This is a complete evaluation package that is comprised of several components. Analyses are optimally performed on conventional cores but rotary sidewall cores or cuttings may be used or a combination of both.

Geological Evaluation

Define the rock parameters controlling response to stimulation. Identify rock types with similar parameters for study of production performance. Match rock types with log response.

Core & Fluid

Testing for Engineering and Log Calibration Provides the operator with a set of measured rock properties data appropriate for the rock types identified. Establish a relationship between saturation and effective gas permeability; especially during the fracture fluid leak off or condensate drop out with pressure change. Provide geomechanical properties for fracture design and log calibration.

Fracture Design & Simulation

Recommend a stimulation treatment design that utilizes all available laboratory, field and calibrated log information to optimize reservoir productivity.

Production Forecasting

Prepare an estimate of expected production from stimulation treatment based upon reservoir properties and fracture geometry and conductivity.

Well Performance Audit

Includes an overall evaluation of completion effectiveness with respect to fluid and proppant placement, completion fluid flowback efficiency, and zonal production contribution.

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