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An Application for the Retrieval and Analysis of Core-Based Petrophysical Data Sets.

As an enhancement to the RAPID™ hosted data sets currently available in Core Laboratories joint industry projects, Core Laboratories is offering a RAPID™/TIBCO Spotfire Enterprise Player analytics service.

This analytical service represents a breakthrough in analytical capabilities for geological engineering and petrophysical datasets. Its use has the potential to significantly reduce the time professionals currently spend finding, formatting and analyzing critical petrophysical, geologic and engineering data while providing insight into the reservoir in ways that were heretofore unknown. Because part of this analytical service provides a direct "link" from the Spotfire application to the RAPID™ database, this service has been dubbed "RAPIDLink™".

RAPIDLink™ provides a convenient multi-user analytical solution, enabling an organization to easily deploy rich interactive analysis applications and workflows that deliver information insights to geological, engineering and petrophysical professionals and decision-makers. Every time the software is opened, pre-built graphs are automatically updated with the latest data from RAPID™ in seconds. In addition, the data can be analyzed using Spotfire's powerful filter and export options.

RAPIDLink™ can be customized to meet the needs of specific users. In addition to complementing the regional studies, this service can be used to analyze your own proprietary data as well. Utilizing a team of experienced data loaders, proprietary core data sets may be loaded into the RAPID™ Database. Core Laboratories can then create a library of pre-designed analytical solutions for your organization. The library would be a repository through which professionals can access and analyze the core-related data sets in the joint industry projects, or proprietary core-related data sets.

  • Consortia Project Data on Desktop in Seconds
  • Pre-built Graphs Populated with Fresh Data
  • Powerful Filter and Export Options
  • Proprietary Data Can Be Loaded and Analyzed

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