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Rock Based Petrophysics

Proprietary Projects


Incorporating rock types and their petrophysical properties from the analysis of cores, sidewall cores and cuttings is the key to improved log interpretation. Many log analysis techniques are based on a "black box " approach. Our approach to enhanced formation evaluation utilizes well known principles, experience developed over decades and cutting edge technology resulting in real bottom line implications.

A Rock-Based Approach to Log Analysis

Core Lab's rock-based petrophysical solutions provide a unique, systematic approach to the integration of core and log data - from the pore system scale to the formation scale.

Measured core data takes the guesswork out of log analysis; however measured values are not always available. Lacking core data, we use the Worldwide Rock Catalog and our numerous rock property databases so that even cuttings can be used to find appropriate petrophysical analogs for your rock types.

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