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Atlantic Ireland Reservoirs & Seals

Phase 1: Porcupine Basin

A non-proprietary regional, rock-based study which provides a fully integrated digital database incorporating legacy and new geological datasets. Key highlights of the study available now include:

  • New digital description, digital photography and interpretation of all Porcupine Basin cores, incorporating core analysis data and revised/updated facies interpretations,
  • High resolution digital sedimentary logs for the full drilled succession in all wells, providing DIGITAL LITHOLOGIES for direct import into petrophysical and seismic databases,
  • Fully integrated regional stratigraphic correlation using all legacy biostratigraphic data combined with new cyclostratigraphic analysis,
  • New and legacy core and cuttings petrography, with particular emphasis on 16 wells which are key to the current exploration focus,
  • New seal rock analysis of key shale intervals,
  • Detailed paleogeographic maps (ArcGIS format) for 22 stratigraphically defined packages from the Late Carboniferous to the Oligo-Miocene.
Figure 1 – Map

Project Spotlight

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