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Central Atlantic Margins – Suriname (Phase I) and Guyana (Phase II)

South America / Central Atlantic

In partnership with STAATSOLIE and GUYANA GEOLOGY AND MINES COMMISSION, 2016 saw the creation of a rock-based geological and petrophysical study/database incorporating 42 wells across the Central Atlantic Margin. The study was presented in two phases: Phase I - Suriname Reservoirs & Seals; Phase II - Guyana Reservoirs & Seals.

The project provides a comprehensive evaluation of the extent and quality of all reservoir intervals and regional/local seals within a correlative stratigraphic framework. This is complemented with a full evaluation of fluid and hydrocarbon source occurrences, creating an extensive dataset for interpreting the location of main sediment transport paths and depocentres within the under-explored deepwater blocks of the study area.

Project Spotlight

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