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Central Atlantic Margins – Suriname (Phase I) and Guyana (Phase II)

South America / Central Atlantic

Core Laboratories is pleased to announce a new addition to its portfolio of Central Atlantic Margin integrated geological studies during 2016. In partnership with Staatsolie and Guyana Geology & Mines Commission, this new rock based geological study will be presented in two phases: Phase I Suriname (database of c. 19 wells), and Phase II Guyana (database of c. 16 wells).

The study will provide a detailed and comprehensive evaluation of the extent and quality of all major Reservoir intervals and where possible Regional/Local Seals, all within a correlative stratigraphic framework. The study will focus on the integration of well and rock data to allow interpretation of basin evolution in paleogeographic time slices through the drilled successions, and this will be complimented by an evaluation of fluid and hydrocarbon source occurrences. The dataset created will be an invaluable aid to the interpretation of sediment transport paths and depocentres within the largely undrilled deepwater blocks where seismic evaluation is currently the only option. Moreover, the study will directly compliment Core Laboratories regional datasets in the conjugate African Atlantic Margin.

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