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Offshore Louisiana and Texas Miocene Regional Study

Gulf of Mexico Offshore


Core Laboratories conducted one of the industry's most comprehensive regional geological and petrophysical study of the offshore Miocene from over one hundred wells with conventional cores in the Gulf of Mexico. This large project consists of two separate, but compatible, studies of the Miocene divided between offshore Texas and offshore Louisiana. These studies are focused on determining the depositional environment(s), along with petrographic and petrophysical properties of productive and potentially productive reservoir sandstones. In addition, paleontological analysis has been performed on core and cuttings in order to place the cored intervals into a stratigraphic framework.

The study provides participants with the following analyses, data, and interpretations:

  • Core description, core photography, and sedimentological interpretation of depositional environments
  • High-resolution foram and calcareous nannofossil paleontology
  • Define and evaluate Miocene sandstone reservoir quality in terms of texture, mineralogy, diagenesis, and pore system properties
  • Log-derived petrophysical properties were determined for cored Miocene sandstones and correlated and calibrated to measured core data
  • The spectrum of Miocene reservoir rock types and their geological and petrophysical properties are compiled in a catalog format to serve as reference analogs for more accurate estimates of formation parameters, when evaluating non-cored reservoir intervals.
  • Regional synthesis of all data in terms of reservoir quality and architecture

The various geological and petrophysical data generated on the Miocene conventional cores (wells) are compiled, interpreted, and presented in well data reports and in a final report. Individual offshore Texas and Louisiana well reports are available for each project well. A final report summarizes the data and provides a regional overview of the Miocene section in terms of significant aspects and conclusions regarding improved exploration and exploitation activities.

  • 101 wells
  • Offshore Texas and Louisiana

Project Spotlight

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