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Workshops & Schools



  • Capillary Pressure
  • Relative Permeability
  • Seal Rock Catalog
  • Two Day Shale School
  • Worldwide Rock Catalog School
    • This is an ongoing project designed to characterize and evaluate the geological, petrophysical, and engineering properties of sandstone and carbonate rock types. The resultant Worldwide Rock Catalog serves member companies as a reference source of rock property data covering a broad spectrum of reservoir rock types for improved exploration and production related formation evaluation when measured data are not available.

      This technology has been successfully applied in reducing risk and increasing reserves and formation evaluation enhancement by Major and Independent Oil and Gas companies worldwide.

Field Trips

  • Shales Field Trip
  • Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Field Trip


  • Excellent opportunity for Core Lab consortia participants to hear live presentations, view multiple cores, and evaluate data for their area of interest. Workshops for ongoing projects are generally conducted annually.

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