The success of Perf, Wash, Cement (PWC) starts with selecting the right perforating system. our industry-leading run history, test database and Industry's widest array of offering ensures the highest injection rate through multiple layers of casing.


  • Capable of providing 0° to 360° perforation coverage of primary string to establish communication with annulus
  • Produces consistent entry hole and large flow area for less impeded cement flow and more homogenous cement plug
  • Limited damage to secondary string regardless of primary to secondary string orientation
  • Product offerings for gun sizes ranging from 1-9/16 in to 7 in

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Owen Oil Tool experience in development of perforating charges for circulation goes back to 1983 when the first tubing punch charge was developed and throughout decades of our experience in development of energetic charges Owen Oil Tools has been in the forefront of custom designed perforating charges for different application. In 2014 Owen successfully introduced the PAC charges in North Sea. Our vast experience and lessons learned in this area helps clients avoiding costly & potentially hazardous mistakes.

When a high profile, expensive well needs abandonment, the Core Lab Plug & Abandonment Circulation product can be designed specifically for the casing sizes and configuration of the well. Advance testing of the system can be achieved at the Owen Testing Solutions facility to assure a fit for purpose application. Risks to operational success are optimized while minimizing time and costs to achieve the desired outcome at the wellsite.

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