Eliminate quality issues when setting plugs in your P&A or Plug and Perf Operation by using Owen Shorty Setting tool’s that is designed and manufactured to provide exceptional reliability and performance. Or use the multi-stage setting tools which have double the pulling strength with longer stroke length, which is used primarily to set Magna Range Bridge Plugs or Owen Casing / Tubing Patches.


  • Pressure balanced top and bottom pistons
  • Eliminates presetting of plugs and patches, caused by high hydrostatic pressure
  • 15,000 psi pressure rating

Our Three Step Plan For Purchasing

The Cost-effectiveness of the explosive setting tools makes them the favored means to set a plug to isolate a section of the well but its cost-effectiveness can quickly be overshadowed by a lack of quality and reliability of performance. Failure to set the plug correctly in the well can have catastrophic consequences.

Owen's history in manufacturing and attention to detail enables customers to use our setting tools at the well site confidently.

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