Core Lab announces a novel approach to deliver perforations across multiple intervals in a single actuation, one trip system. This system runs on tubing and features a high level of performance and reliability while offering time, material and equipment savings over traditional TCP, coil tubing perforating and wireline perforating.


  • Reduces rig time and associated costs during make-up, firing and break-down sequences
  • Lowers expendable hardware costs and saves time, clean-up and waste disposal of re-usable hardware
  • No limitations on length of perforating intervals or distance between zones
  • Perforates all intervals on depth in a single run
  • Ideally suited for ReFrac and Saltwater Disposal Wells in addition to long TCP

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Long interval perforating: PulseWave system eliminates the need for blank spacer guns between perforating zones in either vertical or horizontal wells. Deployed on tubing and using standard TCP firing head, it enables completion engineers to optimize reservoir performance using under or overbalanced condition fit for reservoir. PulseWave’s substantial cost-saving and environmental impact come from eliminating spacer guns and misfires associated with human error during gun loading, reducing man-hours, rig time, and lowering explosive residue.

Multi-interval perforating: PulseWave allows the perforating guns to be positioned and shot all at once eliminating the need for time delay transfer components. Time Delay technology has many inherent limitations including rig type that can be used for these type of operation and the 5 minute limit for repositioning of the guns between interval otherwise guns are shot off depth.

Refrac perforating: The PulseWave system can be configured into a single trip, multi-cluster perforating string to create new perforations for re-stimulation of a previously producing well. Often completion engineers do not want to isolate the old perforations and fractures from the recompletion, so tubing is required to convey the guns horizontally. PulseWave is an ideal technology to save coil tubing costs and time across multiple runs.

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