Type ‘A’ Wireline Set Millable Frac Plug - Bridge Plugs

Type A - Bridge Plug

The Owen Type ‘A’ Wireline Set Millable Frac Plug is a compact unit, designed for multizone stage fracturing of gas wells. The plug is constructed of easily millable cast and ductile iron, with conventional two slip design. A large diameter bore extends through the plug with a beveled entry provided as a seat for the phenolic frac ball.


  • Compact unit designed expressly for multi-zone fracturing of gas wells
  • Shear screw setting design allows for the frac ball to be run in place
  • The bottom is notched to allow lower zone gas flow, even when frac ball from a previously set lower plug has flowed up to the bottom of plug
  • Rated to 6,000 psi

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