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Owen Oil Tool’s ‘PHANTOM®’…

PHANTOM® Perforating Systems are available in most Gun Sizes and Shot Densities. In the past, debris from big hole Perforating caused problems when liner debris was left in the perforation tunnel. This debris impeded flow and ultimately, well performance.

PHANTOM® Perforating Systems eliminate the drawbacks associated with debris from common drawn liners. The PHANTOM’s pfinodal liners are manufactured from the first Copper/Nickel based material to be used in big hole liners. The sintered, powdered metal technology employed in their production returns them to a powder-like state when the charge detonates; so there is a marked decrease in the amount of debris left in the wellbore. This system provide extremely consistent performance, and maintain and extend hole size to help reduce pressure drop across the perforation. When charge debris is an issue and maximum flow area cannot be compromised, PHANTOM® Perforating Systems are the systems you need.

Benefits and Capabilities:

  • Utilizes Patented Pfinodal Liner Technology
  • First Copper/Nickel Based Perforating Liner Material used in Big Hole Perforating
  • First Sintered, Powdered Metal, Big Hole Liner Material
  • Non-Carrot Forming Liner Material
  • Zinc Charge Case Material - Means A Reduction of Debris Left in the Wellbore
  • Minimizes Formation Damage Caused by Perforating Debris

Utilize EPA to Predict Charge Performance Based on Your Specific Well Conditions.

Our Charge Performance Data can help you to find the right charge for your gun system.

...ideally designed for Gravel Pack and Frac Pac Application.

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