ShoGun - Perforating Charges


Owen’s Spiral Shogun, when combined with the new Shogun NT or NTX Charges, posses the three most important features of an ideal perforator - Ideal Phasing, Deep Penetration, and High Shot Density

NT - Benefits and Capabilities:

  • 6 spf in 1-11/16” & 2-1/8” versions
  • NT Shogun charge shoots 40% better than standard Shogun DP charge
  • 40° & 60° Spiral phasing available
  • This product is protected by one or more of the following patents: 5,542,480; 5,662,178; 5,638,901

NTX - Benefits and Capabilities:

  • 6 spf or 4 spf (with spacers)
  • NT & NTX Shogun charges utilized
  • 40° Phasing (8 rows of Low Side (1, 2, 3 rows) available with adjustable Link System

Utilize EPA to Predict Charge Performance Based on Your Specific Well Conditions.

Our Charge Performance Data can help you to find the right charge for your gun system.

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