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Ready. Set. GO!

Core Lab/Owen’s GoGun™ Adaptive Perforating System is a disposable gun solution designed to reduce common causes of misruns and non-productive time (NPT). GoGun features an open architecture platform making the system adaptable which provides users the flexibility of using their preferred or specified energetics and expendables. GoGun is pre-wired from the factory and uses fit-for-purpose hardware reducing the number of connections and shortens the overall gun string, ultimately decreasing loading, arming, assembly, and disassembly times compared to other conventional perforating systems. GoGun is a highly dependable solution having multiple points of contact for grounding and eliminates wires between guns, port plugs, sub maintenance, and other failure modes commonly experienced.


  • Adaptable – Go with what you prefer
  • Simple – Go faster and more efficiently
  • Dependable – Go with more confidence

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