Through Tubing Perforating Gun Systems

Through Tubing Perforating Systems were developed for use in wells with existing production tubing and were designed to pass through the tubing to the zone to be perforated. A variety of gun systems are available including high pressure and high temperature systems.

A full range of Through Tubing Perforating Guns Systems include:

  • RDS™ (Rapid Deployment System)
  • Threaded and Bolted Guns System are scalloped which are easy to load, minimize burr height and highly reliable. The scalloped carrier is expendable, it is retrieved from the well and is discarded after use. Gun connections (subs) are used to connect several gun lengths together and provide a means of attaching the gun system to wireline tools such as a collar locator. The gun subs may be used multiple times and are available for a wide variety of wireline and tubing conveyed applications. Both Threaded and Bolted Gun Systems range from sizes 1-11/16 thru 2-1/2.

  • Exposed Gun System include the Strip, Link, Bi-Wire and Formed Wire gun systems. These systems offer charges with higher explosive loads to maximize perforation performance.

  • Strip Gun System include a strip that is retrieved from the well after perforation is completed. The charge cases fragment upon detonation and are not retrieved.

  • Link, Bi-Wire and Formed Wire Gun Systems fragment upon gun detonation. The charge cases, and charge retention components are not retrieved from the well. The gun top sub and conveyance hardware is retrieved and may be used in additional runs.

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