Initiation Systems and Devices


Owen Oil Tools provides a wide selection of detonators and initiation devices for a multiple of different gun system applications ranging from cutter applications to detcord initiation. We take pride in the fact that all of our detonators exceed the API RP-67 safety requirements. Safety and reliability are some of the main focuses while incorporating a cost effective initiation device suitable for the oilfield employee.

Owen’s product line on initiation devices include:

  • Exposed Detonators
  • Fluid-Desensitized Detonators
  • Top-Fire Detonators
  • Percussion Initiators
  • Electric Igniters
  • Explosive Transfer/Boosters

Safe Fire Systems

Technology is continually evolving in the global marketplace which creates both opportunity and hazards at the well site. Many well site hazards are visible; however, radio frequency hazards that affect the use of explosives are not as apparent. Owen’s Safe Fire Systems are initiating systems immune to the RF hazards that present risk to operations involving resistorized, electric detonators. This technology is used in conditions where concerns over RF energy and stray voltage make it necessary to increase safety precautions by using EBW detonators and accompanying PX-1 firesets.

A full range of Safe Fire Systems include:

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