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Owen Oil Tools Technical Services Group now offers a three-day technical seminar for field technical service personnel and a one-day “overview” seminar for business development and sales personnel, entitled “X-SPAN® Tubing/Casing Patch Systems Technical Seminar”.

X-SPAN® products, their applications, deployment tools and methods, and technical specifications. This seminar will prepare the field service tech for hands-on field training in preparation and deployment of X-SPAN® products as well as the assembly and servicing of the setting and running tools required for field deployment.

The one-day seminar is a condensed overview seminar designed to provide a basic understanding of the X-SPAN® Systems for business development and sales personnel. This seminar will familiarize these personnel with X-SPAN® products, their applications, deployment tools and methods, and technical specifications and should enable the representative to present and discuss the product with existing and potential customers, as well as to provide guidance to gaining answers to technical applications questions.


Bernie Jones

Bernie Jones
Product Line Manager
X-SPAN® Systems


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  • Cutters Wireline - Rocky Mountains
  • PENGO Wireline - California
  • Tiger Cased Hole Services - California
  • TIMCO Wireline - Appalachian Basin
    • * Marcellus Utica Shale
  • Thru-Tubing System - So. Louisiana
  • Dialog Wireline - Texas
  • Pryor Packers - Mississippi


  • Section 1: Owen Oil Tools Overview – History, products, services, and locations.
  • Section 2: Assembly and handling of standard tubing and casing patch systems – single pick-up and multiple pick-ups. Outlines required set-up information.
  • Section 3: Multi-Stage Setting Tools (MSST) – Wireline and tubing deployed systems and running procedures.
  • Section 4: Hydraulic Setting Tools (HST) – Tubing deployed systems and running procedures.
  • Section 5: Specialty X-SPAN® products, such as the Screen Suspension Tools (SST) and the Stackable (STX) Systems.
  • Section 6: Fishing and removal of set patch systems. Engineering/Management review. Seminar review.

One-day BD/Sales Seminar – A condensed overview of the three-day seminar without the concentrated hands-on tool training. The seminar is presented in a PowerPoint format and includes multimedia material that holds the attendees’ attention. It is a casual, interactive format that allows for as much discussion as required. Attendees will receive an Owen Seminar CD, Owen Product Catalogue, X-SPAN® Brochure, and seminar binder, containing all seminar procedures and drawings.

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