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Owen's KODIAK Enhanced Perforating System™ combines perforating and well stimulation in one operation. KODIAK has been developed to enhance the current StimGun® product line by increasing the range of potential applications. The system integrates specifically designed perforating charges with a new energetic material. The detonation of the perforating charges initiates a complex, sequentially burning reaction of the energetic material generating a high pressure gas pulse. This pulse initiates and propagates fractures into the surrounding reservoir improving production/injection performance.

KODIAK Enhanced Perforating Systems


  • KODIAK Enhanced Perforating System™ requires substantially less fluid tamp in the well
  • Energetic material is conveyed within gun assembly eliminating the risk of friction initiation during deployment
  • Optimal gun diameter can be selected for casing to be perforated
  • High-speed data gauges capture pressure pulse and duration at time of perforating
  • Ref: SPE-189490-MS Section IV Testing of KODIAK

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